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Product Reviews

August 2001

Matrox Imaging - CompactPCI Frame GrabberCOMPACTPCI FRAME GRABBER

For users of the real estate-economical 3U CompactPCI hardware format, there's a new version of the popular low-cost Matrox Metero II/Multi-Channel frame grabber for you-useful for both monochrome and component RGB color imagings. Rugged enough for use in harsh industrial environments, or deeply embedded applications, this board can work with analog interlaced or progressive frame scan RGB cameras, double-speed two-channel analog progressive frame scan monochrome cameras,or multiple standard monochrome cameras. Hardware trigger support for machine vision apps is available. The Matrox Video Interface ASIC (VIA) is employed to manage real-time acquisition into on-board memory. Software is available separately.
MATROX IMAGING, Dorval, Quebec.

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Carl Zeiss - Microscope Optimization SoftwareMICROSCOPE OPTIMIZATION SOFTWARE

The new AxioVision "Autofocus" software module has been designed to increase reliability of microscopic examination documentation, for both bio and materials research. The module automatically optimizes the scope and digital camera settings to the sharpest possible image of the specimen, an especially useful capability when the imaging is automated or must be reproducible, or occurs under time lapse conditions-such as fluorescence imaging/photography. The optimum focal position is itself determined by image analysis. The software is useful in reflected, transmitted, and incident light.
CARL ZEISS, Thornwood, NY

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Digital Healthcare - Ophthalmic Imaging SoftwareOPHTHALMIC IMAGING SOFTWARE

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