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Product Reviews

April 2003

modular mobile digital cameraMODULAR MOBILE DIGITAL CAMERA
The Sinar m is a fully modular universal digital medium format camera. It can be used with all existing or future Sinarback digital backs. For sensors in the standard 35 mm format, mirror reflex modules are available that permit the use of 35mm camera lenses . In combination with the Sinarback 54, which has a 3.9 x 5.0 cm (1 17/32" x 1 31/32") sensor and a resolution of more than 22 million pixels, exposures can also be made with medium format camera lenses, practically without focal length extensions. SINAR. Switzerland.
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Colocalization moduleCOLOCALIZATION MODULE
The Openlab module, specifically designed for colocalization, provides a rapid tool for users to colocalize and analyze fluorescent images. The module allows for the visualization and quantification of colocalization in the samples labeled with multiple fluorochromes. For any pair of images a user selects, the module creates a scatter plot display of intensity distribution and degree of colocalization. Statistical analysis provides both whole image statistics and user-defined Region of Interest statistics, including Pearson's Correlation and Colocalization Coefficients. The degree of colocalization can be displayed and saved as a binary mask for morphological analysis. Statistical data can be exported to a spreadsheet for analysis and scatter plot pictures can be exported for use in presentations. IMPROVISIONS, INC. Lexington, MA.
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Switched fabric interconnect moduleSWITCHED FABRIC INTERCONNECT MODULE
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