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Product Reviews

February 2003

high-speed digital cameraHIGH-SPEED DIGITAL CAMERA
Featuring an interline transfer CCD with progressive-scan readout, the MegaPlus ES 310/T is designed for applications where real-time imaging is needed at greater than standard 30 frame-per-second video rates. Standard readout reaches 125 frames per second, and users can select smaller regions of interest for faster imaging, with rates in excess of 400 fps possible. Asynchronous frame capture is available, allowing instantaneous capture of an image before readout of the previous image is complete. The MegaPlus ES 310/T uses a scientific-grade 648 x 484-pixel sensor with 9 x 9-micron pixels. In multi-drop mode, 99 such cameras can be controlled through a single computer platform.
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data analysis and visualization softwareDATA ANALYSIS AND VISUALIZATION SOFTWARE
IDL 5.6 is the latest version of RSI's data analysis, visualization and cross-application development software. A new Personal Use License lets customers use IDL Software at work, home and on the road-all with a single license. Other new features include LAPACK linear algebra routines, user interface additions, 64-bit support for several platforms and support for the Mac OS X platform. In addition, new map projection routines use the USGS (US Geological Survey) General Cartographic Transformation Package.
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line scan image processing moduleLINE SCAN IMAGE PROCESSING MODULE
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