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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Point Grey Research


Point Grey Research is a leading provider of advanced digital cameras to OEMs and researchers for a diverse range of applications including machine vision, bio-science, sports, entertainment and mapping. Cameras are available as board level and boxed modules with a wide range of CCD and CMOS sensors to address a broad range of applications. Additionally, Point Grey provides a line of stereo vision (image and distance data) and spherical vision (looking in all directions simultaneously) cameras. Point Grey designs and manufactures all the cameras at their headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.

Point Grey's cameras and software are designed to meet the needs of OEMs. The cameras utilize the high-speed IEEE-1394 (aka FireWire) to connect to the computer and support the IIDC/DCAM standard protocol to simplify integration and camera control. Point Grey is leading the step up to the faster IEEE-1394b offering 800 mpbs (100 Mbytes/sec of throughput). The industrial cameras self-synchronize on the 1394 bus and support general purpose IO pins to coordinate the image acquisition with other equipment and asynchronous acquisition. The stereo and spherical vision cameras are pre-calibrated at the factory and are supported by advanced software for stitching and 3-D software tools. The full-featured software development kit (SDK) provides the software tool to speed development and integration for the OEM.

Point Grey is a fast growing private company and has recently moved to a new facility in Vancouver, BC. The new building provides the space to significantly expand manufacturing and development. Point Grey is also expanding worldwide with direct sales offices in USA (Arizona) and Europe (Munich) and distributors in Japan and Korea.

Point Grey Research
8866 Hudson Street
Vancouver, BC V6P 4N2 Canada
Phone: (604) 730-9937
Fax: (604) 732-8231

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