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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Plug Analog, Enjoy Digital


The emergence of the Camera Link digital standard a few years ago introduced a step forward on the image acquisition market. This standard offers high-quality images combined with the ease of a standard connection.

This evolution could announce the demise of analog image acquisition. But according to recent market studies, non-standard analog is still the most common camera interface in terms of units and revenue. Its resilient dominance is not so surprising given the slow replacement rate in the machine vision market. Moreover, analog still enjoys significant advantages compared to Camera Link: a proven and cost-effective technology, with fewer constraints in terms of cable length and flexibility.

For the new Domino series of analog frames grabbers, Euresys uses the combined strengths of both interfaces: plug analog, enjoy digital!

In classical analog frame grabbers, complex analog circuits (such as filters and phase-locked loops) using analog components extract the horizontal, vertical and pixel synchronization information from the composite video signals being acquired. The analog components used are imperfect by nature. Such circuits often require calibration because of the variability of their characteristics. In addition, their performance may degrade with time or temperature.

In the new Euresys Domino frame grabbers implementing Dł Technology*, the input video signal is immediately digitized with a very high accuracy and a high frequency. Analog conditioning of the signal is reduced to a minimum and all signal processing tasks traditionally performed by analog circuits are now carried out in the digital domain. This includes digital signal recovery tasks such as the detection of the black level, the horizontal and vertical phase determination and the generation of the sampling clock. The Dł engine also implements selectable low-pass filters, optional color sub-carrier removal, high dynamic gain and offset control and sampling of the signal to any programmable resolution.

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