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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Photolithography Stepper

Features a Resolution of 1.5 Micrometers With a 200-Millimeter Lens

The Model 9200 PanelPrinter System provides advanced photolithography for mobile display applications. The system features a resolution of 1.5 micrometers with a 200-millimeter lens, providing a large lens field and a depth of focus greater than nine micrometers. It can be in Generation 4 applications such as flat panel displays for PDAs, cellular phones, digital cameras and global positioning systems. The 9200 offers integrated subsystems that include a high-fidelity projection lens and illumination system, a precision X-Y stage, an automated substrate alignment system, an automated reticle handling and storage system, and a suite of metrology sensors. The software suite consists of PanelCAD, TouchPanel, Advanced E-Diagnostics and Error Browser. AZORES CORP. Wilmington, MA.

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