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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Perspective: Mapping Out Core Values

Larry Adams

From my first day as editor of Advanced Imaging magazine, I have heard the term "Core Technology Products," meaning that the magazine covers the technology of imaging, and how that technology crosses over from one application to the next. It has become a mantra. I probably mumble it in my sleep.

The recent Photonics West trade show in San Jose, CA, showed me good examples of how imaging suppliers' products are being used in various ways.

Booth after booth, conversation after conversation, I repeated the mantra and had it repeated back to me. At many booths, this ability of products to be used in diverse industries was plainly evident. Printed vividly on the walls of booths were the lists of the industries in which a company's products are used. It is not that these companies necessarily offered unique products for these different applications, although some did depending on the nature of the end-use such as certain scientific and microscopic imaging. Instead, most booths showcased products that were so flexible and had the capability to incorporate different bells and whistles that they could be used in many different applications.

The same theme occurred the next week at the Automated Imaging Association's Annual Business Conference in Orlando, FL. Much discussion was held about AIA members, who primarilly serve the machine vision market, moving into other markets that require vision products.

Visualizing the Process
The process of electronic imaging is vividly recreated in an exclusive pull out wall graphic that is included in this issue. The Map of the Electronic Imaging Process is meant to be pulled out of the magazine and referred to throughout the year. It lists some suppliers of core technology products and shows how each technology feeds into the next imaging processing step.

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