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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Pegasus Imaging Acquires Tasman Barcode SDK Company


Pegasus Imaging (Tampa, Fla.) has acquired TasmanŽ Software (Leeds, United Kingdom) and substantially all assets including its barcode software development kit (SDK) business. Tasman adds Java and Java ME mobile barcode technology to Pegasus' suite of document-imaging products.

Tasman Technology applied barcode technology to Apple, Adobe, Atalasoft, Lexmark, and others. These agreements were not deemed desirable business contracts to Pegasus Imaging; therefore the company is terminating or leaving behind all of them. Pegasus representatives look forward to writing new licensing and support contracts under revised terms.

"Tasman is the second acquisition we've completed in less than 30 days since the AccuSoft deal. In this economy, financially sound companies have opportunities," says Jack Berlin, president of Pegasus Imaging. "Tasman offers great tools for barcode reading, and we provide the corporate structure to support software developers and integrators. Our customers will benefit from Pegasus' strong support and ongoing investment in product improvements."

Pegasus Imaging's software engineering team expects to use the Tasman technology to improve the company's barcode offerings. Pegasus Imaging is a leading supplier of ActiveX and .NET toolkits for barcode recognition on Windows-based computers. With the acquisition of the Tasman Java Barcode Reader SDKs, Pegasus can now offer robust barcode recognition on nearly any platform, including UNIX, Linux, and Mac systems, and mobile devices including cell phones and PDAs.

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