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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Paper-thin, Lightweight, Flexible Panel from CeeLite

Enables 99 Percent Uniform Backlighting Illumination for Previously Unimaginable Applications

CeeLite is premiering its newest panel, the CeeLite™ 7501. The paper-thin, lightweight, flexible panel enables 99 percent uniform backlighting illumination for previously unimaginable applications in signage, trade show exhibits, architecture and design, point of purchase displays and photography. In addition, the 7501 panel enables more vibrant graphics for true flesh tones, appetizing food images and anything printed on clear, backlit media.

Available in sizes up to 3’x 6’, the company’s new innovative, impact-resistant flat light panel uses CeeLite’s signature Light-Emitting Capacitor (LEC) technology, which is predicted to unveil a new age in lighting. As a result, CeeLite’s 7501 panels can backlight applications as never before imagined: indoors or out; on floors, walls, around columns and pillars, upon unconventional objects and surfaces.

The CeeLite 7501 panel encompasses CeeLite LEC technology’s proprietary shielded three wire panels, highly advanced UL listed inverters and packaging options. The new LEC technology offers countless packaging options on multiple substrates including film, glass and plastic injection molding, thus comprising a new category of lighting products and ways to apply light.

CeeLite Lansdale, Pa.,

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