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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

PPT VISION Introduces IMPACT A-10 Intelligent Camera With Smart Software

Quick Setup, Storage and Viewing of Captured Images Through the Entire Application

PPT VISION, Inc. introduces the IMPACT™ A-10 Intelligent Camera. The IMPACT A-10 along with the bundled IMPACT Software Suite delivers all the power of advanced inspection capabilities in a vision sensor profile. The IMPACT Software Suite’s three modules—IMPACT KickStart™, Vision Program Manager (VPM™ and Control Panel Manager (CPM™)—allow for quick setup, storage and viewing of captured images through the entire application, even as inspection requirements change. Housed in a compact yet robust hardware configuration, the IMPACT A-10 offers faster on-board image processing, more memory, real-time I/O and the speed of Gigabit Ethernet communications.

Included in the IMPACT Software Suite, the IMPACT KickStart module is a newly developed interface to PPT Vision’s line of intelligent cameras. Users can setup a custom and powerful inspection application in minutes using this pre-configured program and view results immediately on the same screen. With IMPACT VPM, users can build on existing templates with a set of 80 advanced tools including blob analysis, circular pattern find, sub-pixel edge extractor and various image filtering tools, inspection results with password-protected panels and tabs.

Features include a high performance microprocessor and real-time operating system, plus a digital imaging sensor. PPT VISION Eden Prairie, Minn.

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