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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

PLDA and Eltec Elektronik Collaborate On 16-Channel PCI Express High-End Frame Grabber for Security Applications

Designed to Meet the Highest Standards of Security and Monitoring Tasks

PLDApplications (PLDA) has announced a licensing agreement with ELTEC Elektronik AG, who recently launched the PC_EYE®/ASYNC 4-channel PCIe frame grabber and the PC_EYE®/SEC 16-channel PCIe frame grabber. Both projects incorporate PLDA’s PCIe XpressLite IP core.

The PC_EYE/SEC is designed to meet the highest standards of security and monitoring tasks and supports up to 16 cameras and the simultaneous capture of up to 16 JPEG images, 4 MPEG streams and 16 each audio inputs and outputs. By basing the PC_EYE/SEC on the PCIe protocol, this frame grabber is at least twice as fast as its PCI predecessor, permitting instant switches between camera views.

The market-proven PCI-SIG® compliant PCIe XpressLite IP implements a PCI-like back end similar to PLDA’s PCI/PCI-X core. This EZ interface offers the strengths of the PCIe technology while hiding the complexity of the protocol, and is ideal for transitioning from PCI to PCIe. The XpressLite IP is a secure and proven solution verified with multiple VIP vendors and interoperable with all of the main PHY IP vendors.

Since the earliest introduction of the PCI Express protocol, PLDA has consistently listed products on the PCI-SIG integrator list. Today, PLDA has sold over 200 PCI Express licenses and offers two families of PCI Express IP that support x1, x4, and x8 Lanes for Root Port, Endpoint, Bridge, and Switch configurations. The best-selling IP for PCI-X / PCI (PLDA was ranked #1 PCI vendor by Gartner Dataquest, 2005) includes a client list of over 1,000 satisfied customers worldwide. PLDA San Jose, Calif.

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