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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT


ILA GmbH, Julich
PIV measurement of the shearing stress distribution of an artificial heart valve.

About The Company

In 1987, PCO AG was founded with the objective to develop and to produce specialized fast and sensitive video camera systems, mainly for scientific applications. Meanwhile, the product range of PCO cameras covers digital camera systems with high dynamic range, high resolution, high speed and low noise, which are sold in the scientific and industrial market all over the world.

Currently, PCO is one of the leading manufacturers of scientific cameras. Worldwide representatives, together with our own sales department and technical support, assure that PCO keeps in touch with the customers and their needs. The actual wide range of specialized camera systems is the result of technical challenge and product-specific know-how.


The product range is structured into the following sections:

  • Sensitive cameras — 12-bit and 14-bit dynamic CCD camera systems with high sensitivity and low noise
  • Intensified cameras — high-resolution MCP Image intensifier camera systems
  • Speed cameras — ultra- and high-speed CMOS and image intensifier camera systems
  • Specialized cameras — CCD camera systems with double shutter features or modulation capabilities

Furthermore, PCO develops customer-specific solutions (OEM), like camera systems for industrial applications, where high dynamics and image quality are an important issue.

Commitment to Excellence

A technical design according to advanced technologies, a high standard of production, and strict quality controls guarantee a reliable performance of our cameras. Our own developments in conjunction with an excellent contact to leading manufacturers of image sensors ensure our access to state-of-the-art CCD and CMOS technology for our cameras.

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