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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Optics Advances for Every Application

Prism adapters for use with Micro Machine Lenses from Moritex.
Dichroic Filter Array from Ocean optics.
Resolve Optics' fixed-focus non-browning lenses.
Multiphoton deep fluorescent imaging system from Olympus Life and Material Science Europa.
The Apo-Componon Cpn90mmf4.5 lens from Schneider.
The Vario-CAM from Jenoptik.
CS8620Hi near-IR RS-170 analog camera from Toshiba-Teli.
MicroLens light extraction technology from Global Lighting Technologies.
HeatBuster Xenon and HeatBuster UV Xenon from Deposition Sciences, Inc.
Focusable LED Spot Projectors from StockerYale.

By Allison Niles

Optics technology is progressing in all areas. From advancements in lens design that are reducing the space required for camera lens assemblies to more efficient LED based edge lighting technology, optics capabilities are improving at a rapid rate.

Moritex (Cambridge, UK), an international manufacturer of high performance optical lenses and illumination systems for wide-ranging machine vision and inspection applications, has announced new additions to its range of prism adapters. Designed for use with Micro Machine Lenses (MML), Moritex prism lens adapters enable manipulation of the optical axis. In applications where there is little space above the object, Moritex's side-looking prism adapters enable the optical axis to be turned through 90 degrees overcoming the space limitations. To enable narrow pitch marks within a small area to be recognized (mark recognition) a range of optical axis pitch conversion prisms are available to decrease the pitch between two MML lenses. New prism adapters are available that provide two optical views with different focusing. Standard prism adapters are available for 16mm, 18mm, 25mm, 35mm and 37.5mm diameter lenses. Moritex also can supply custom designed prism adapter units, with adjusting CCD cameras and optical unit positions.

Moritex MMLs are ultracompact, low-mass lenses that are recognized as a high-performance benchmark for applications including machine vision alignment, image gauging and surface inspection. Moritex MMLs are telecentric lenses that maintain a constant view angle to the subject.

Ocean Optics, Inc. (Dunedin, Fla.), a diversified spectroscopic instrumentation and electro-optics manufacturing company, has available a full range of precision optics capabilities based on its proprietary Dichroic Filter Array™ (DFA) technology. Applications include anti-reflective and other optics for medical, ophthalmic, biological and laser applications.

Dichroic Filter Arrays are high-precision optical filters that selectively transmit light according to its wavelength. The Ocean Optics DFA technology combines modern optical thin film deposition techniques with microlithographic procedures —such as used in semiconductor processing—to deliver micron-scale precision patterning of dichroic coatings on a single substrate. With this process, many applications are achievable. For example, multi-layer RGB filters or multi-layer filters in an unlimited number of colors can be produced as a single filter array for devices such as CCD camera detectors and liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels. In fact, coatings can be optimized for use with liquid crystal and bonding materials, can be produced in reflective or antireflective matrices, and can be deposited to customer-specified substrates.

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