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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT


The international Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition recognizes excellence in life science imaging. Deadline for this year's competition is September 30, 2005. First prize, 2004 BioScapes Competition: Mr. Donald Pottle, Boston, MA.
The Olympus DSU confocal imaging system provides excellent optical sectioning and motorized operation with the flexibility of an arc lamp excitation source.

Olympus is a precision technology leader, designing and delivering innovative solutions in healthcare and consumer electronics worldwide. We bring innovation, expertise, ease of use and superb optical performance to a complete line of microscope systems and solutions for today's researchers and clinical laboratory professionals.

Product Innovation

Olympus' clinical laboratory microscopes are used in more U.S. hospitals than any other brand. In addition, we offer the right hardware and software solutions to address today's most exciting research areas — in vivo studies, total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF), near infrared observation, multi-spectral imaging, deconvolution, confocal imaging, FRET, FRAP, whole animal imaging and more.

The new UIS2 (Universal Infinity System 2) optical system is chromatically corrected over a broader spectral range (UV-to-Near IR) than prior optics. In addition, confocal users can select among a diverse series of instruments, including the arc-based DSU spinning disk confocal unit and the laser scanning FV1000 system. The FV1000's proprietary SIM scanner allows simultaneous stimulation of photoactivatable GFP (for example) and image scanning. The BX2 and IX2 microscope systems, market-leading TIRF microscopy workstations, the motorized IX81-ZDC microscope system with focal drift compensation, a full line of fast, high-resolution cameras and partnerships with the most prestigious software providers help round out the Olympus line.

Customer Focus

Just as important is the commitment to being an easy company to work with. Our dedicated, savvy imaging team includes PhD-trained scientists and other professionals with years of valuable experience in the laboratory. Olympus helps microscopists succeed with extraordinary products and service, knowledgeable people and a complete focus on our customers' needs.

Olympus America Inc.
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Melville, NY 11747 USA
Phone: (631) 844-5000

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