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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Olympus Introduces Basic Image Acquisition Software

Excellent Image Acquisition in All Life Science Related Applications

The cell^A is the basis of the cell* family. This provides direct control of digital cameras and motorised microscopes with excellent image acquisition in all life science related applications. Its Multiple ViewPort Manager provides a well-structured, user-definable display for each image, as well as the ability to synchronise multiple images. cell^A also offers a large selection of import file formats and various image-annotation options.

Even at the basic level, cell^A incorporates a collection of image processing functions for real-time and post-acquisition optimisation of images. Furthermore, cell^A includes an integrated solution for automatic exposure control and manual time lapse series can even be acquired, animated and visualised.

A basic level documentation package, cell^B encompasses all functions of cell^A, with the addition of archiving in a structured database, standard measurement functions, as well as a convenient standards-compliant report generation tool. Additional acquisition and processing features, such as a panorama function with stitching algorithms for creating larger images in high resolution, are also available.

The cell^B features a unique measurement environment suitable for interactive measurement and dimensioning. Measurement results can be presented as diagrams or sheets and screened directly with regard to mean values, extremes or standard deviation. The integrated database has been designed to make data access fast, while keeping network capacity requirements low.

Olympus Life and Material Science Europa GMBH Hamburg.

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