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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Olympus America Inc.: Olympus Quality in Microscopy Applications

Olympus America Inc.
3500 Corporate Parkway, PO Box 610
Center Valley, Pa. 18034 -0610
Phone: 484-896-5000

Olympus brings its renowned quality and innovation to a complete line of microscope-based systems and solutions for today's researchers. The company offers unparalleled expertise, together with unsurpassed hardware and software solutions, to address the needs of scientists doing today's most exciting research work—in vivo studies, TIRF, near infrared observation, multispectral imaging, deconvolution, confocal imaging, FRET, FRAP, high-throughput/content screening, whole animal imaging and more.

Olympus' UIS2 optical system has a broader range (UV to near IR) than other lines of optics available. Among our outstanding products is the Fluoview FV1000-MPE multiphoton laser scanning microscope system for deep observation and imaging of living or thickly sliced specimens. Neuroscientists and cell biologists can use the system to image dynamic processes up to 700 hundred microns deep in living cells and tissues without inflicting significant photo damage to specimens. Olympus is the leading company in the field of Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) illumination, and now offers the Fluoview FV1000-EVA, the first laser scanning confocal system that includes the ability to create and control evanescent wave fields for fluorescence via TIRF. We also have the highest-NA TIRF objectives commercially available.

In addition, we offer both the arc-based DSU and the laser scanning FV1000 confocal systems. The FV1000's proprietary SIM scanner allows simultaneous illumination and scanning. Our BX2 and IX2 microscope systems, motorized Zero Drift focal drift compensation system, world-renowned line of fast, high-resolution DP cameras, our new stereo instruments and partnerships with the most prestigious software providers help round out the company's complete line of offerings.

Olympus offers a series of in vivo imaging solutions, including the OV110 intravital observation system and the IV100 intravital laser scanning microscope, with its slim, proprietary MicroProbe "stick" lenses that can peer deep into tissue without the need for major surgery. Our new FluoroPoint system offers higher-sensitivity single molecule and protein interaction analysis for screening and research. We also offer the MacroView MVX10 system that provides research-level fluorescence optics with stereo-like convenience, macro-to-micro zoom capability and an optional motorized stand.

Additionally, Olympus Industrial Micro-Imaging is focused on meeting the inspection needs of the High Tech Industrial markets. This specialized group within the Olympus family of companies is dedicated to providing solutions specifically designed to meet the requirements of precision manufacturers from the Aerospace and Automotive markets to Materials Science, MEMS and Electronic components. Whether the requirements are located in a clean room, laboratory, manufacturing facility or University classroom, Olympus is dedicated to developing a solution that fits the customer's specific needs.

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