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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Oculus Photonics Introduces World's First Ultraviolet Camcorder

Developed in Response to the Need for a Digital Imaging Solution in the Near-ultraviolet Band

Oculus Photonics LLP introduces the digital, near-ultraviolet (near-UV) camcorder, the UVCorder™. The lightweight, portable system was developed in response to the need for a digital imaging solution in the near-ultraviolet band. The compact unit is designed for viewing scenes in the near-UV waveband in real time on a 3.5-inch LCD display and for acquiring near-UV digital video and stills quickly and easily.

Oculus Photonics’ ultraviolet camera module (UVM) features enhanced ultraviolet response in the 300-400nm range, with a peak response at 370nm, and excellent rejection of visible and infrared light. The UVM is mounted atop a commercial camcorder, from which it receives power. Easy to operate, the UVCorder is ideal for imaging in both indoor and outdoor situations, even when the ultraviolet illumination is lower than the visible or infrared ambient lighting. The UVCorder can also acquire color video and stills for reference purposes.

Applications for the new UVCorder include forensics, building inspection, ultraviolet laser alignment, dermatology, dentistry, biological research, camouflage detection and a variety of industrial surface inspection tasks. UV imaging can be used to detect sun damage or irregularities in human skin, to detect anomalies in surface texture and composition (e.g. changes in paint or finished surfaces), to image UV light sources and invisible or transparent materials, for laser and LED beam alignment and to detect corona discharge from high-voltage electrical equipment.

The UVCorder camera system and carrying case is affordably priced, and includes the UVM, the host camcorder, a lens with adjustable aperture and a near-UV LED light source in a rugged case. Additional lenses and light sources are also available as options. Oculus Photonics LLP Goleta, Calif.

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