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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Ochsner Health System Centralizes Image Storage


Agfa HealthCare (Mortsel, Belgium), a leading provider of IT-enabled workflow and diagnostic imaging solutions, announced that Ochsner Health System of New Orleans has deployed the company's IMPAX® Data Center. The system, which manages diagnostic image access and distribution across the enterprise, is a leading image management and storage solution for large, multi-site and multi-facility healthcare domains.

Ochsner selected IMPAX Data Center to consolidate data from disparate multi-vendor Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) and clinical systems from its seven hospitals and 35 health clinics onto a single point of storage. The solution supports all types of DICOM 3.0 medical images and diagnostic results including DICOM-encapsulated images, reports, waveforms and .pdfs. Highly scalable, IMPAX Data Center is designed to store and make accessible clinical data, consolidating information from multiple clinical departments and PACS vendors.

Before the IMPAX Data Center was installed, Ochsner needed to consolidate imaging data from multiple vendor PACS solutions in separate locations and departments, including images from radiology, cardiology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, and endoscopy systems. "By providing access to the most current data from across the entire Ochsner system, it gives our clinicians a complete longitudinal view of the patient imaging record. Today IMPAX Data Center makes imaging information available to physicians using a single query, while allowing hospitals and clinics to keep their existing PACS and imaging solutions in place," said Dr. Lynn Witherspoon, system vice president and chief information officer of Ochsner Health System.

Given the importance of information availability, the IMPAX Data Center is delivered in a fault-tolerant configuration that protects against a single point of system failure. The Data Center also features a high availability design, continuously monitoring itself for optimal system reliability and uptime. Ochsner installed a mirror data center at a remote location to enable continuous access to systems and data in the event of a disaster. "We've experienced many severe-weather-related disasters in southeast Louisiana and we understand how crucial it is to maintain access to patient images and information in the event of an emergency," Dr. Witherspoon said. "This configuration of the IMPAX Data Center provides us with a complete copy of all image data, located at a distance from our primary data center but attached to our wide area network, thus allowing continuous data access in the event of loss of the primary archive."

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