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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

OEM CCD Camera


The pco.1300oem features a FPGA processor, allowing for sophisticated control and accurate timing of the CCD and associated electronics. In addition, a proprietary offset control algorithm has been developed, which provides high-offset stability, regardless of ambient temperature or signal changes to help ensure accurate and repeatable quantitative data over long periods of time. The pco.1300oem fits any OEM user application. ROI, binning and cooling can be selected and optimized to accommodate the application. It features 1344x1024-pixel resolution, 12-bit dynamic range, exposure time of 5 microseconds to 1 hour, internal frame buffer for continuous image capture (64MB/min), low noise of 8e - rms @ 10MHz, selectable regulated cooling to -30 Celsius vs. ambient, standard IEEE-1394a interface, optimal offset stability and control (= 1 count). THE COOKE CORP. Romulus, MI.

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