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News Update

May 2001


Looking for a C7A1 assault rifle or a Chantilly rose patterned rug but not quite sure what the "official" name is? Convera, offspring of Intel Corporation and Excalibur Technologies offers intelligent search technology for managing multimedia digital content assets. You can find what you're looking for based on images rather than words.

CHANTILLY ROSE PATTERNED RUGHoneywell/DOE is using Convera Visual RetrievalWare to search across over 10,000 photographic images of weapons materials standards and other information saved as JPEGs. More than a million product-related x-ray images are scheduled to be added to the archive. Honeywell manufactures state of the art electronic components for national defense systems.

Visual RetrievalWare is the first comprehensive application development software to automatically index and retrieve visual data. Each component is "learned" by the system based on visual criteria characteristics, and then reduced to a searchable index where users can search by image content or metadata. Among Convera's diverse customer base are, ABC News, British Telecom,, Discovery Communications, Encyclopedia Britannica, Exodus,,, Microsoft, the National Basketball Association, Raytheon, Reuters, Sony, StorageTek, Sun Microsystems and others.


Further bending reality, it is also possible to not only be "beamed" to another location, but the location itself may well be a real-time, full-sensory environment that may or may not exist in the brick and mortar world we are most familiar with.

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