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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

New Year, New Offerings


By Edward Youdell

This month we are featuring our 10th edition of Advanced Imaging’s Imaging Solutions of the Year. Starting with page 14, you can read about how electronic imaging tools are being used in such applications as monitoring falling debris from the space shuttle, sequence DNA and whole genomes, identify neutrino events, recover sound from historical mechanical sound carriers such as phonograph records and wax “Edison” cylinders, reduce the image reconstruction time from five hours to five minutes in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, and see through flames to monitor slag buildup in power station boilers. My hope is these solutions will inspire you to find new uses for electronic imaging core technologies.

Additionally this month, we’ve introduced two new regular features in the magazine. Our technology management column this month is written by the former Editor of OE Magazine, Kristen Lewotsky. The objective of this column is to guide you in a “big picture” point of view for the tools, processes and methodologies that are available in the electronic imaging industry. Our second new monthly column is the component integration column. This month, Daryl Martin educates our readers on the special considerations for integrating illumination as part of a machine vision system. As someone once said, “He knows whereof he speaks.”

Image processing boards are an important and quickly changing technology. This month George Kotelly (a name familiar to many in the industry) reviews the latest options and innovations in our image processing boards’ core technology feature. And finally, frequent contributor Lee Nelson reveals some of the ways automotive suppliers are using technology to create cars that can avoid accidents.

Beginning with the February issue, this column will be written by Advanced Imaging’s new Editor, Keith Reid. I’m sure you will enjoy Keith’s well-researched stories and straightforward presentations all with an added touch of flair. He can be reached at If you are attending the upcoming Photonics West or IPOT events, you will have a chance to meet with him face-to-face. Please be sure to stop by and say hello.

Additionally, Stacey Meacham’s name has been added to our masthead as our new Managing Editor. Stacey is a business-to-business publishing veteran whose cut-to-the-chase style of writing will be appreciated by readers. Stacy’s beat will include our monthly core technology feature, news and new products section. She can be reached at

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