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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

New Single-board CMOS Camera MV-D750E Series from Photonfocus

Designed for Demanding, Price-sensitive Industrial Vision Applications

Photonfocus AG is a manufacturer of high-performance, industrial CMOS sensors, OEM modules and cameras. Their camera products feature Photonfocus-designed sensors with our proprietary LinLog technology for up to 120dB of dynamic range, global shutter, programmable regions of interest (single or multiple), high frame rates, industrial housings and much more at competitive prices.

The MV-D750E Series CMOS camera is designed for demanding, price-sensitive industrial vision applications. Featuring exceptionally high dynamic range in a compact, cost-effective single-board design the MV-D750E Series delivers up to 60 full frames per second at 750x400 pixels and 10-bit resolution. Higher frame rates are achievable by using dedicated regions of interest (ROI).

Features include: High image contrast achieved using configurable; LinLog™ response curve for up to 120dB dynamic range; Global shutter; Programmable region of interest; CameraLink® or USB 2.0 interface and Compact, industrial housing.

PHOTONFOCUS Bahnhofplatz, Switzerland

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