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September 2004

multi-role vision mixer


irisHD is a multi-role high definition vision mixer with a compact 1U footprint. irisHD can switch between up to eight HD-SDI inputs under local control or via a standard iris control panel. Incoming video feeds are switched via an 8x4 crosspoint router and a dual input cut/mix/wipe unit with manual or user-controllable automatic wipe transitions, adjustable edges and variable-speed auto transitions. Settings can be stored in power-protected user memories. A safe area generator is integrated with the preview output, enabling 4:3 shoot-to-protect aspect ratio conformity when originating in 16:9. irisHD has a total of four HD-SDI outputs (program, preset, auxiliary 1 and auxiliary 2). irisHD is designed for easy rack or cabinet mounting. It can be operated standalone or via an Eyeheight FP-10 control panel with VP-10 T-bar and TK-10 switching module. EYEHEIGHT LIMITED. Hertfordshire, UK. INDICATE 221.

graphics card


The Millennium P650 low-profile PCI provides tangible productivity gains with its advanced dual-RGB and dual-DVI capabilities from laptop docking stations. Running applications such as Bentley MicroStation, Autodesk AutoCAD and ESRI ArcView in a multi-display environment increases efficiency, as 2D and 3D information can be seen at once, data can be more easily compared and less panning and zooming is required, for example. This card provides support for both low-profile and ATX systems and its compact 5.2" long board design also makes it suitable for small form factor PCs. It is equipped with 64 MB of DDR memory and provides exceptionally high-quality digital and analog output with fully symmetric support for dual digital flat panels, at resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200, as well as for dual analog displays, at resolutions of up to 1920 x 1440. MATROX GRAPHICS. Dorval, QC, Canada. INDICATE 222.

OPC Server


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