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March 2004


The PICTOR M1248/E Smart Camera, based on a progressive scan CCD sensor with 640x480 pixels, is able to perform machine vision tasks at up to 107 f/sec. Equipped with Ethernet and digital I/Os, the PICTOR M1248/E is intended for use by automation technicians and mechanical engineers for integration apps. Features include measurement technology, OCR , surface control, position/rotational position recognition, pattern recognition, blob analysis, extensive communication tools and protocols and operation from the PC via a VCWin universe user interface. VISION & CONTROL. Suhl , Germany . >>INDICATE 228.



The analySIS add-in WaferNavigator helps users navigate wafers and lithography masks. This software is designed for R&D purposes. Integratable at any die measurement, this product upgrades an existing SEM to an automated measurement tool. The user can define wafer geometry regarding size, number, position and condition of the dies or chips, while a descriptive file can be loaded that contains information concerning the condition of the wafer and the individual dies. User-definable reference points align the wafer on the motor stage. Stage axes adjustment and automatic tilt correction are executed subsequently. Alongside the interactive selection of die positions, the analysis WaferNavigator offers an automated mode as well, with backlash correction to approach the individual dies or die groups selected. Users can conduct simple or complex measurements and/or routines at each stage position. These might be line-width measurements or more complex analyses, image acquisitions, image archiving and generated reports. SOFT IMAGING SYSTEM CORP. Lakewood, CO. >>INDICATE 229.


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