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February 2004


The Hyper Bright LED Ranger linear light source utilizes 5W LEDs and can be used in either direct lighting or backlighting applications. The LED Ranger is built for such quality control inspection applications as paper, Web printing, non-wovens, metals, industrial fabrics and coatings, extruded film, foil, plastic, textiles, license plate reading and container/railroad car identification. The latest version of the LED Ranger delivers 100,000 lux at a distance of 4 in. and is available in 20 in. segments that can be joined end to end without illumination gaps. WINTRISS ENGINEERING. San Diego , CA.

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ActivVisionTools version 2.2 supports a wider range of programming environments than the previous release. In addition to Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, this family of ActiveX components includes the following tools: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic . NET and Microsoft C# . NET . Measurements are processed in a few msec, including distance calculation, production quality control and charge completion. All supported ID bar codes can be read, even under adverse conditions, and PharmaCode and Code 93 have been added to the list of supported codes. MVTEC SOFTWARE GMBH. München , Germany .

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Designed for multiple industrial applications, the 20Z704 USB camera has been coupled with an LED flash system in a single integrated and USB -controlled ID badging and imaging package. The 20Z704USBKit eliminates the need for frame grabbers required by video-based systems. TWAIN interfacable software allows for integration with most commercial software. Image capture screens are automatically optimized, while full camera control is available via on-screen controls. A mounting stand and telescopic pole enclose all of the system's cables. VIDEOLOGY IMAGING SOLUTIONS. Greenville , RI / Uden , Netherlands .

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