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January 2004


SPOT INSIGHT cameras come in 4 Megasample Color Mosaic, 12 Megasample 3-Shot Color and 4 Megasample Monochrome models, each with 2048 x 2048 resolution sampled at 20MHz x 14-bit. Software features include predefined image setups, 14 f/sec real-time viewing, image enhancement, annotation, calibration marks, measurement, report generation, image archiving database, sequential imaging and interactive print dialog. Updated automation features include a macro scripting language and floating taskbar. DIAGNOSTIC INSTRUMENTS. Sterling Heights, MI. I

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The LFG -4 is a 4-channel frame grabber that accepts up to 16 analog video sources and can capture full resolution and frame rates from up to 4 sources simultaneously. The LFG -4 supports a 64-bit/66MHz PCI bus and can also be used in a standard 32-bit/ 33MHz PCI system to maintain compatibility. Supported video formats include PAL , NTSC , CCIR and RS-170 from Composite and S-Video sources. For embedded applications on the 32-bit/33MHz bus, a Compact PCI board comes with PC/104-Plus and PMC form factors for the standard LFG range. ACTIVE SILICON, LTD . Uxbridge , UK .

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The SZ stereo microscope range?consisting of models SZ51, SZ61 and SZX7?is based on an integrated LED source within the strand. Dimmer-controlled lighting is delivered from a strand less than 25mm high, facilitating the positioning of specimens on the stage. Fiber optic illumination is also available, mounted on the standard frame. The light source attaches to the back of each microscope, with the fiber optic guide entering the strand so that the entire system allows free access around the specimen area. Also available, for specialist imaging applications, is a computer-controlled multi-segment LED ring illumination system, programmable to create frequency-controllable strobe and flash illumination. OLYMPUS EUROPA GMBH. Hamburg , Germany .

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Sapera Processing, Coreco Imaging's API for image processing and analysis, now incorporates software tools including blob analysis routines for measuring up to 60 different blob features, and an Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) reader that supports solid, dot matrix and user-trainable font sets. A new Gauging tool will soon be available as well. The blob analysis tool accepts both grayscale and binary input images. Common applications include detecting the presence of flaws on silicon wafers, counting tablets, and the detection of partial and broken tablets in pharmaceuticals. CORECO IMAGING. St. Laurent , Quebec , Canada .

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The Matrox Morphis is a frame grabber designed for video capture from multiple inputs and image compression/decompression. The Morphis features a dual-decoder architecture, supports high-speed channel switching and is equipped with an on-board accelerator designed to utilize JPEG2000 real-time compression/decompression for applications with extensive archiving requirements. Features include a PCI short card; the ability to capture images from NTSC , PAL , RS-170 and CCIR video sources; connectivity and switching between up to 16 CVBS, up to 8 Y/C or a combination of inputs; two trigger inputs; 16 TTL auxiliary I/Os; an RS-485 serial interface; and a 32-bit, 33/66MHz PCI-bus master. Available software is sold separately and includes Matrox Imaging Library MIL /ActiveMIL and MIL -Lite/ActiveMIL-Lite support for Windows 2000 and XP. MATROX IMAGING. Dorval , Quebec , Canada .

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