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October 2003

Monochrome digital cameraMONOCHROME DIGITAL CAMERA
The QuantiFIRE has multiple binning modes for acquiring monochrome images during quantitative image analysis. Applications for the camera include such analytical photomicrography techniques as monochrome fluorescence, quantitative live cell imaging, FRET, FRAP deconvolution and transmission electron microscopy. QuantiFIRE incorporates a 4 Megapixel CCD measuring 21.4 mm diagonally, 2048 x 2048 pixels that are 7.4 x 7.4 microns square and a 40,000-electron well depth. It features electronic shutter control, manual and automatic white balance, user setting files, two independent sub-framing modes and a universal IEEE-1394 interface. The camera is Twain-compliant and compatible with many third-party scientific imaging applications.

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Machine vision cameraMACHINE VISION CAMERA
The PL-A741 is a monochrome machine vision camera with a synchronous shutter and external trigger, designed for the systems integrator and OEM. Frame grabber functionality is designed directly into the unit. Digital image data can be transferred to the computer over a standard FireWire interface. On-camera processing allows the PL-A741 to perform calibration for illumination correction, while providing a user-programmable lookup table (LUT) that can perform tasks such as thresholding, quantization or gamma adjustments in real-time. The PL-A741 has synchronous and rolling shutter modes of operation. It can capture freeze-frame images of moving objects and stream digital video. An external trigger input and two general-purpose output signals are provided.
PIXELINK. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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WI-FI video for outdoorsWI-FI VIDEO FOR OUTDOORS
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