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New Products


New Products

September 2003

fiber optic panels from Poly-OpticalFIBER OPTIC PANELS
OptiLine fiber optic lines of light are used for splash and function lighting in small, inaccessable areas, as well as for backlighting a number of products. These include bezels used in medical and dental equipment, as well as HVAC controls. OptiLine provides a bright line of light for accentuating medical devices, data scanners and machine vision equipment, such as lighting for line-scan cameras. These assemblies offer multi-layered illumination utilizing a mixture of fiber optic layers to achieve multi-colored lighting effects, different degrees of brightness and a variety of appearances from a neon-like glow to soft, diffuse accent lighting.
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image intensifiers from Roper ScientificIMAGE INTENSIFIERS
Two updated Gen III image intensifiers, the UNIGEN and XRED models, are designed to enhance the spectral coverage of Princeton Instruments' PIMAX systems. UNIGEN increases performance response from 200 to 900 nm, inclusive, offering both NIR and UV coverage on a single system. XRED increases the response to 1000 nm, making it useful for spectroscopy and imaging applications employing NIR lenses. PIMAX systems configured with UNIGEN or XRED intensifiers enable gate widths of less than 5 nsec, include a built-in HV pulser and have a fully integrated Programmable Timing Generator for carrying out complex gate sequences.
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digital CMOS machine vision camera from COGNEXDIGITAL CMOS MACHINE VISION CAMERA
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