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New Products


New Products

July/August 2003

Code-reading for pharmaceutical industry from Cognex CorporationCODE-READING FOR PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY
The In-Sight family of machine vision sensors can now read Composite Symbology (CS) and Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) coding on pharmaceutical packages for the purpose of product identification and traceability. This is in response to recently proposed regulations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requiring bar-coding on all unit dose medications and increased reporting of safety problems involving medicines. The machine-readable RSS and CS codes are intended to reduce the rate of medical errors occurring between the manufacturing of drugs and their administration to patients.
— Indicate 215 under Jul/Aug 03
Video card for graphics from Crucial TechnologyVIDEO CARD FOR GRAPHICS
The Crucial Radeon 9800 Pro video card, powered by ATI technology, features 400MHz core clock speed, 128MB 2.86 nanosecond DDR SDRAM, 256-bit memory interface, dual-display capability, six-foot S-video and RCA cables, a DVI to CRT converter, an S-video to RCA converter, DirectX 9 support and AGP 8X support. The card comes with a multilingual user guide, limited lifetime warranty and free second-day shipping within the contiguous United States.
— Indicate 216 under Jul/Aug 03
SLM developer system from CRL Opto SLM DEVELOPER SYSTEM
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