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New Products

June 2003

aluminum substrate mirrors from Edmund Industrial OpticsALUMINUM SUBSTRATE MIRRORS FOR LASERS
A new line of aluminum substrate mirrors is available for infrared laser applications, particularly those with wavelengths of 2 microns and beyond. This line of mirrors is produced in a range of diameters (25.4mm - 76.2mm) and is composed of an aluminum 6061-T6 substrate, coated with either an aluminum (AlSiO) or gold (AuSiO) reflective coating. The aluminum coating has a reflectance >96% from 1750nm on, while the gold has a reflectance of >98% from 2000nm on. All mirrors feature a diamond-turned front surface with a roughness of <175A. The back surface of the mirrors are machined flat and tapped with three holes that are mountable to either custom housings or a number of types of positioning equipment.
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Paint Shop Pro 8 from JASC SoftwarePHOTO AND GRAPHICS EDITOR
Paint Shop Pro® 8 combines automatic photo editing and graphic design tools with an integrated learning system. Features such as Automated Productivity Scripts™ allow users to record, edit and save commonly used processes to apply individual batches of images, while Dynamic Personalization™ lets artists create custom menus, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts and workspaces for access to tools they use most often. Additionally, users can create multiple environments based on the tasks they want to accomplish.
JASC SOFTWARE. Eden Prairie, MN.
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1.3 megapixel progressive scan image sensor from Micron Technology Inc.MEGAPIXEL CMOS IMAGE SENSOR
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