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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

New Lens Design Reduces Distortion


Sunex Inc. has created a revolutionary new lens design that reduces the amount of geometric distortion inherent in traditional wide angle and fisheye lenses. Tailored Distortion™ lenses from Sunex are different from typical wide angle and fisheye lenses that exhibit a high level of geometric distortion, commonly known as fisheye distortion.

Fisheye distortion from conventional wide angle lenses is characterized by highly curved shapes and lines that limit the detail at the edge of the image. Tailored Distortion™ lenses exclusively from Sunex correct this by optically reducing the amount of fisheye distortion in the image and increasing the amount of resolution at the edges.

All currently available wide angle lenses with fields of view over 120-degrees inherently have high geometrical distortion. The process of unwrapping or dewarping images through post-processing can be challenging to implement and costly to develop.

For example, automotive rear-view cameras have limited processing resources available to dewarp a highly distorted image in real-time. By using a Tailored Distortion™ lens, images require less post-processing while simultaneously increasing the amount of object detail near the edge of the field. Shapes appear more natural and the image is more pleasing, without processing. This effect is also ideal for surveillance and security applications and allows objects to be more clearly identified.

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