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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT



Company Profile

New Electronic Technology (NET) develops, manufactures and distributes CCD/CMOS cameras and accessories for applications in machine vision, factory automation, scientific and medical equipment. In 2005, NET introduced its new IEEE1394 camera line FOculus, according to IIDC v.1.3 and several innovative OEM products for integration into medical devices.


The selected and competitive portfolio includes products made by NET, TOSHIBA TELI CORPORATION (partnership since 1996), IDS GmbH and especially high-quality lenses and illumination facilities from V.S. Technology.

As to be mentioned: Analog/digital CCD and CMOS cameras, IEEE1394, USB2.0, lenses and illumination, OEM products.

Markets Served

Among the following sectors you will find applied NET USA, Inc. products: Agriculture, Automotive, Electronics, Fabricated, Metal, Food/Beverage, Glass, Lumber/Wood, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Semiconductor, Telecommunications.

Technical Support

NET USA, Inc. saves not only important development time for its customers, but also ensures at the same time highly qualified technical support to guarantee long service life for products that stand out through constant quality improvements at the highest level.

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