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Multispectral and Thermal Imaging


Product Update

Multispectral and Thermal Imaging

By Richard Handley

March 2001

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The heat is on in the field of thermal and multi-spectral imaging, as industry leaders strive to push the envelope on imaging outside the range of the human visible spectrum. Easier handling and user-friendly interfacing seem to be at the forefront of the latest cameras' marketing, making it increasingly less difficult to photograph that which people cannot see...

Cooke Corporation - SensiCamQE High Performance CCD CameraNew from Amain Electronics (Los Angeles, CA) comes the 340X240, a digital visible imaging array designed for improved response in the blue and UV regions. The array contains 76,800 over-sample A/Ds, one at each pixel, allowing for 6,000,000 electron well capacity and an absolutely linear response. With a uniformity rate surpassing 0.1%, it can achieve 11-bit SNR over the full dynamic range at a frame rate of 60 Hz. Combining photogate and photodiode sensing technologies, Amain's newest offering extends responsivity to 300 nanometers, with a 73% fill factor and total power dissipation under 10 milliwatts.
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Michigan-based Cooke Corporation unveils its latest high-resolution camera system, the SensiCamQE High Performance CCD Camera. Built with multi-spectral imaging in mind, the SensiCam provides 12-bit digitization, 4,095 grey levels, and the ability to distinguish bright and dim signals in the same image. Able to perform quantitative imaging, this camera offers enhanced visible and NIR quantum efficiency, easy interfacing to microscopes and lenses, and CamWare software compatible with both Mac and Windows 95/98/2000/ME. Configurations include 12-bit monochrome and 36-bit color, with a removable lens-coupled intensifier for low-light imaging. The SensiCam is designed for a multitude of scientific-industrial applications, including biological imaging and spectroscopy.

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