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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Moritex is Now Offering a New Kind of LED Lighting

Compact, Light-weight and Efficient Lighting for Image Processing and Inspection Applications

Moritex’s MG Wave’ LED lighting includes a range of unique technical features. Specified colours of light emitting dDiodes (LEDs) are arranged in a high density package to provide long-life, compact, light-weight and efficient lighting for image processing and inspection applications. MG-Wave LED lighting provides longer stable images than other forms of lighting.

Unlike other forms of lighting there is no deterioration caused by repeatedly switching the light on and off. Operating across a narrow bandwidth MG-Wave makes it easy to acquire the contrast critical for image processing. Incorporating small light source elements enables MG-Wave to deliver lighting dimensions optimized to application. Incorporated in the LED light, the MG-Wave constant current detection system reads the signal to control the rated current that is adjusted to the number of LEDs in every lighting module. Consequently MG-Wave has the flexibility to offer its industry leading performance for any type of lighting configuration. The MG-Wave range includes high powered spot, direct ring, low angle ring, shadowless, edge backlit, array backlit, coaxial, bar, linear, oblique, dome and parallel lighting LED’s as well as power sources and a wide variety of LED lighting accessories. Benefiting from nearly 30 years experience and expertise in the creation, manipulation and control of light Moritex has designed this well-illustrated technical catalogue to assist customers in combining the correct MG-Wave LED light source, light guides and lenses to achieve exceptional image capture with high resolution and contrast.

Moritex Europe Ltd., Cambridge, UK.

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