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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

More Markets Mean More Sales


Larry Adams By Larry Adams

The multiple uses of imaging technology, long lauded in the pages of Advanced Imaging magazine, are also being pushed by some of the world's leading machine-vision associations as a way to increase the bottom line for their members.

And that, is a good thing.

The European Machine Vision Association's (EMVA) annual business conference in Palermo, Italy, is one example of an association that is helping its members expand their marketability by helping them to expand outside of their traditional machine-vision applications.

The group, which counts among its members some of the world's leading camera, camera component and software manufacturers, recognizes the importance of non-traditional markets for its machine-vision members. At its conference, held April 29-30, the group focused on business growth and many of the speakers focused on expanding their business both at home (Europe) and abroad (North America and Asia). A key element in this endeavor was trying to expand into markets that, for some, are new to them.

During the second day of the event, the association's leadership focused on using machine-vision technology in non-manufacturing efforts. These efforts included traffic control, security and surveillance and agro and food industry production.

Statistics from the EMVA support the idea that nontraditional uses for imaging technology are important. According to a preliminary report, about 15 percent of the projects reported by its members are in non-manufacturing applications. As Gabrielle Jansen, president of the EMVA, says, "Non-manufacturing, non-industrial uses are becoming more and more important."

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