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Monitors, Projectors & Displays


Product Update

Monitors, Projectors & Displays

by Rich Handley

July 2002

Once again, AI monitors recent offerings in the field of display technology. Presentation is paramount, and the latest projectors give users better-looking presentations of all types. Keep watching this space in the coming year for news of improvements in flat-panel and projection technologies. 2D or 3D, color or monochrome, LCD or CRT, this year's models have shown vast improvements in image quality, while offering a wide variety of features suitable for many different working environments...

Based in Fremont, California, AOC produces the LM700, a wall-mounted, thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) with nineteen memory modes to let users adjust and save settings between work sessions. The LM700's 17" flat-screen creates minimal glare and distortion and can be placed at eye level. Built for business and graphics applications, this display has a recommended resolution of 1280x1024.

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New from BFi OPTiLAS, a pan-European specialist distributor in the imaging and detection market located in Evry, France, is the Liteye-400 OLED Microdisplay from Liteye Systems in Europe. The Liteye-400 utilizes an 800x600 miniature, high-res, full-color OLED display and is well-suited for viewing everything from a computer screen to video images from video cameras or thermal imagers. Coupled to a helmet-mounted thermal imager, the Liteye-400 allows firefighters to move in total obscurity, while its 38° field-of-view provides bright images equivalent to big-screen TV images. Liteye-400 works with signals from both SVGA or video sources and is available as a direct-view ruggedized pod, exposed prism, or protected prism..

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