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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Modular Camera System

High Resolution Color Line Scan Cameras

The Konstanz based company Chromasens GmbH introduces a new series of high resolution color line scan cameras. The highlight of the "Modular Camera System" is the MCS-7300, which reaches a maximum line frequency of 7.7 kHz and a data transfer rate of 180 MByte/s at a resolution of 7300 pixels.

A further five models, identical in construction, support resolutions from 1K to 6K pixels at a line rate up to 38.8 kHz. Through a modular system of lens adapters, the MCS cameras can be combined with all current standard lenses.

Chromasens uses the same technical basis and an identical body for all cameras from the MCS family. As a result, all individual components, in any product variation, work together seamlessly. Easy assembly, a robust camera design and the flexible choices of lenses and working distances are some of the many characteristics that make Chromasens' new family of cameras stand out. During capturing, continuous white balancing assures a consistently high color quality. A pixel based correction feature compensates for the variations in pixel sensitivity as well as for the illumination gradient. Through a direct connection between the camera and an incremental encoder, a speed compensated acquisition mode can be achieved. An easy-to-operate software package allows configuration of the camera via its integrated serial interface. Furthermore, the camera comes with additional FPGA based resources that can be employed for image pre-processing. CHROMASENS Konstanz, Germany

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