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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Midwave or Longwave Configurable Infrared Camera


Mikron’s new M7500 infrared camera is configurable for midwave or longwave imaging and four different temperature bands. Mikron’s patent-pending “spectral tuning” technology enables the M7500 to image in the midwave bands of 3.9 microns (furnaces and boilers through flames) and 4.8-5.2 microns (for glass), in a temperature range of 400°C-1600°C. The camera features two standard temperature ranges of -40°C-120° and 0°C-500°C in 8-14 micron long-wave mode. Applications include glass, ceramics, food processing, paper, textiles, electronics and hydrocarbon/chemical processing. The M7500 uses a VOX microbolometer detector that provides 320 x 240 resolution. The detector has 76,800 temperature-measuring pixels. Mikron Infrared, Inc., Hancock, MI. (

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