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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Mercury Computer Systems Announces the First 1U Blade Server with Cell BE Processors

Suitable for Applications Such as Image Processing, Medical Imaging, and Seismic Processing

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. offers the 1U Dual Cell-Based Server, its latest Cell Broadband EngineTM (BE) processor-based product and first 1U server available with Cell Technology.

Featuring the Mercury MultiCore PlusTM Advantage, the 1U Dual Cell-Based Server is designed to deliver 410 GFLOPS of performance in a rack-mountable 1U server form factor suitable for compute-intensive embedded applications such as image processing, medical imaging, and seismic processing. Open architecture rack-based servers, like the 1U Dual Cell-Based Server, are increasingly used in aerospace and defense platforms such as ships, land-mobile vehicles and airborne platforms.

The Mercury 1U Dual Cell-Based Server joins the previously announced BladeCenter(R)-compatible Dual Cell-Based Blade, the extremely compact “Turismo” system, and the highly rugged and deployable PowerBlockTM 200 product, each of which offers a Cell BE processor-based solution.

With the industry-standard 1U Dual Cell-Based Server, Mercury believes a wider range of application needs can be served by the tremendous computing power offered by the Cell BE processor.

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, Mass.

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