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Medical Scan Technology


Product Update

Medical Scan Technology

by Rich Handley

June 2002

The medical diagnostic imaging market, which has evolved for more than a century now, has seen tremendous leaps in recent years. X-ray equipment, now digital after many years of using film, has benefitted from wider dynamic range and a reduction in over- and under-exposure. CT scanners, which once took three minutes to produce results, can now scan a patient in ten to fifteen seconds, as well as cover larger scan areas.

MRI, meanwhile, has become a standard for use with knee and shoulder injuries because of the lack of bony artifacts evident in MR images. Down the line, except this type of imaging to become a one-stop heart monitor.

The continuous technological improvements in the field of medical scanning have led to a push for faster images, higher resolution, and increased patient safety. The result has been a vigorous competition to create the most cost-effective, high-performance, and comfort-oriented diagnostic imaging systems on the market. To wit...

Agfa Corporation (Ridgefield Park, NJ) manufactures the Stand-Alone IMPAX DS3000 Diagnostic Workstation. Utilizing Agfa's latest workstation review software and Microsoft's SQL database, the DS3000 enables radiologists and clinicians to access, interpret, and report digitized image data from Agfa's ADC computed radiography products, as well as exams from virtually every other modality. This particular model can simultaneously display and work with relevant images from digitized films, computed radiography, and CT and MR exams. Other features include a diagnostic-quality display, a full complement of specialized diagnostic tools and analytical features, and a context toolbar that can be configured to individual preferences and for different body parts.

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