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Machine Vision Systems and Sub-systems


Product Update

Machine Vision Systems and Sub-systems

By Richard Handley

April 2001

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As Advanced Imaging's readers know, machine vision combines cameras, lighting, and software to capture and analyze moving images; what sets it apart from other electronic imaging technologies is its specific association with industrial manufacturing. Recent innovations in machine vision open the doors to a wider variety of applications and markets, while machine vision systems have been crucial to meeting the growing consumer demand for products high in quality and easier to use.

Today's systems are designed smaller and far more cost-conscious than before, with new general-purpose systems requiring no programming knowledge whatsoever. Manufacturers know that using machine vision in conjunction with automated, high-speed processes can potentially improve product quality, increase productivity, and reduce waste. As technology continues to develop, the potential for machine vision applications will certainly expand as well, as recent offerings on the market demonstrate...

EZVision I2X, a PC-based machine vision system from Kentucky's Cincinnati Industrial Automation, comes complete with industrial PC, software, frame grabber board, I/O board, light, camera, lens, and initial inspection setup prior to shipment. Designed to perform accurate inspections such as assembly verification, gauging, measurement, robot guidance, and numerous other general purpose applications, the EZVision I2X allows users to identify parts, debug processes, and graphically organize run-time behavior and performance. All results are stored in a database and can be analyzed statistically with charts and graphs. Results can then be exported to an SPC package, MS Excel, or other evaluation programs. The system operates on Windows NT/98/2000 and supports up to four cameras with 640X480 pixel resolution and inspection rates up to 500 parts per minute.
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