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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

LuraTech Presents Latest JPEG 2000 Implementation



LuraTech Presents Latest JPEG 2000 Implementation

By Hank Russell

LuraTech, Inc. ( Redwood City , CA ) has released LuraDocument.jpm, an implementation of the JPEG2000/Part 6 (ISO 15444-6) open standard for scanned color documents. LuraDocument.jpm is the first professional implementation of this standard and successor to LuraDocument, the proprietary document format of Algo Vision LuraTech.

JPEG2000/Part 6, LuraDocument and DjVu are all implementations of the MRC (Mixed Raster Content) model, where in there are separate background and foreground layers with separate compression methods, and an image mask to blend them together. Both LuraTech and Xerox ( Stamford , CT ) co-authored the JPEG2000/Part 6 standard.

Part 6 is the document-specific part of the international standard for digitally storing images, JPEG2000, which is the only image compression standard created and endorsed by ISO, the world body for standardization. Two of the more than 30 companies that contributed to the development of JPEG2000 ? Toshiba Medical ( Tustin , CA ) and Motorola ( Houston , TX ) ? are LuraTech's customers. Another company, Analog Devices ( Woburn , MA ), has released the ADV2002 JPEG2000 video compression chip to be used in the digital cinema market. According to the company, this has been proven to be the catalyst for Digital Cinema Initiatives ( Los Angeles , CA ), a consortium of seven major Hollywood movie studios, to formally adopt JPEG2000 as the standard format for digital delivery of all motion pictures to the movie theaters.

From Paper Pushing To Image Archiving
For general imaging, JPEG2000/Part 1 can be used in such applications as graphics or pre-press, photograph archiving on the Web, photogrammetry and digital photography. JPEG2000 uses lossless ?digital original? in document scanning and is used in PDF 1.5.

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