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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Location, Location, Location

Laser Zentrum Hannover, one of the leading laser research institutes in Germany.

Businesses are always looking for competitive advantages to leverage in the marketplace. At the operational end, these advantages can involve affordable property, a skilled workforce, tax incentives, access to academic research and development and an overall environment that promotes business development.

Similarly, a variety of communities are looking to leverage local advantages to provide increased employment, the utilization of existing academic resources and additional tax revenue. These locations will often create a technology corridor, industry “cluster” or similar business development entities to create a win/win for both business and the community. In addition to offering a general environment conducive to business success, they often offer additional incentives, such as favorable taxation or lease support, that further sweeten the deal.

There are a variety of areas that offer a special focus on imaging technologies. Some of the leading opportunities are listed below.

Excellence in Optical Technology – Hannover Leads the Way

The Hannover Region in Germany has a long tradition with optical technologies. Hannover’s world-leading imaging and X-ray industry serves important industrial segments like micro-electronics and carmaking. As a high-tech growth region with a strong R&D background, Hannover is providing businesses with the ideal prerequisites for successful company location and start-up: world-class know-how, prime sites, skilled personnel, outstanding transport infrastructures and a central position in Germany and Europe.

Plug & Work, the start-up and relocation initiative launched by the business promotion company hannoverimpuls, gives innovative companies and start-ups a flying start: free offices. Many additional advantages are there for the taking, designed to assist companies in advancing and getting settled in the region.

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