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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Little Things Do A Lot

Core Technology Feature
The HDJD-S722-QR99 color sensor from Agilent Technologies.
Analog Devices' ADA441X family of video filters.
The StroboLED from AOS Technologies AG.
CEDIP Infrared Systems' CEDIP LabView toolkit.
Pacific Image Electronics' PrimeFoto allows users to view digital photos on their TVs.
The latest line of Samtec's connectors includes the MMCX, MCX and SMA series.

Hank Russell By Hank Russell
Managing Editor

Regardless of a role one plays — whether it is in a musical group, a baseball team or the sales department — that role can never be underestimated. Sure, there are times when the "superstar" gets all the attention, but everyone else must do their part if the team is to succeed.

Accessories may be considered the least acknowledged data path component in the electronic imaging process because of the credit given to electronic imaging's "superstars" such as the camera, the lens, the frame grabber or even the software. It comes as no surprise that accessories get overlooked — even though they should not be.

A Part of the System

The HDJD-S722-QR999 color sensor from Agilent Technologies (Palo Alto, CA) detects the presence of a certain color and identifies its exact coordinate across the full color spectrum. It converts colored light to proportional RGB voltage outputs. The monolithic CMOS IC solution with integrated RGB color filters is combined with three interleaved sets of 3x3 photodiode arrays, which minimizes the effect of contamination and optical aperture misalignment. The photodiodes convert the RGB light components into photocurrents, and the transimpedance amplifiers then convert the photocurrent to analog voltages. The voltage output of each channel (R, G and B) increases linearly with increasing light intensity, and the gain of each channel can be independently set. It features uniform color-filter arrays throughout the photodiode active area, which the company says helps to resolve potential inaccuracies caused by light gradient, optical aperture misalignment and tilting and irregularities of the package surface.

Analog Devices' (Wilmington, MA) ADA441x family of video filters includes the ADA4410-6, ADA4411-3 and the ADA4412-3, which include adjustable six-pole filters and buffers. The ADA4410-6 is the most highly integrated of the family with six channels to process any video standard: HD, SD, S-video or composite. It also includes 2:1 multiplexers on each input and adjustable offset and selectable gain. The ADA4411-3 is a three-channel version of the ADA4410-6. The ADA4412-3 is also a three-channel device with adjustable gain and offset. Each device features single and dual supply operation, can be AC or DC coupled on the input or output, and has rail-to-rail outputs to provide greater design flexibility. They are designed to ease the analog video signal conditioning challenges in advanced consumer video applications, such as HDTV, personal video players and DVD recorders, and can condition HD (high definition) as well as SD (standard definition) video signals.

AOS Technologies AG (Baden, Switzerland) presents the StroboLED, a high-intensity stroboscopic light source that features an array of 144 high-intensive LEDs. StroboLED can be used in combination with high-speed or standard video-rate cameras. Synchronization with most available cameras is possible using one wire. The individual pulse width can be set from one microsecond to 10 milliseconds (ms), allowing selecting the pulse duration the application requires. StroboLED is available in different wavelengths in visible and near IR range including a 940-nanometer (nm) type designed for use in biomedical applications.

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