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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Lens Tracks Space Shuttle Discovery

Canonís DIGI SUPER86 TELExs lens was used with Sonyís HDTV camera to provide high-definition video of the launch of the STS-114 on the HDnet cable network.

A crucial element in maintaining safety during NASA's July 26 launch of the space shuttle Discovery was sharp, high-definition video observation of the flight from all angles. Among the many cameras deployed at the launch site were those on this special NASA tracking platform, which also included the HDnet cable network's own Sony HDTV camera. On that camera was Canon's DIGI SUPER86 TELExs lens (model XJ86x13.5B IE-D TELE), which zoomed in to provide HDnet's viewers with live coverage of the launch of STS-114. This lens was on one of ten cameras deployed by HDnet that morning, all but one of which was outfitted with Canon lenses.

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