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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Launch of REALVIZ Stitcher 5.1

Latest Release of the Software Includes a Number of Significant New Features

REALVIZ’s version 5.1 of their multi award-winning panorama software, Stitcher is now available. With version 5.1 Stitcher now also becomes available in German, in addition to English and French. The release of version 5.1 also accompanies the launch of a brand-new website (http://, dedicated to the REALVIZ stitching products, Stitcher & Stitcher Express.

REALVIZ Stitcher is a professional-level application, used by thousands of professional photographers, architects, multimedia and 3D artists worldwide, and enables the creation of superb wide-angle panoramas for the Web, film, print, and 3D. This latest release of the software includes a number of significant new features, including:

Stitcher 5.1 now incorporates additional parameters to automatically correct the misalignment of the sensor with the center of the lens, for greater accuracy when aligning images, leading to sharper rendered panoramas. Stitcher 5.1 incorporates external blending software, such as ‘Enblend’, which drastically improves the rendering of parallax and misalignment errors. Stitcher 5.1 introduces a simple graphical batch utility. In order to increase productivity when creating multiple panoramas, it is now possible to render multiple projects successively in batch mode. Thus, multiple renders can be carried out during the night, for example, from the same or different projects.

REALVIZ Sophia Antipolis, France

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