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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Large Format Imaging: Matching Lens Options and Applications


As the applications for Large Format Imaging grow (both line scan and area scan) it is important to match the best lens option for a specific application. There is no “one lens fits all” solution. The challenge is to find one optical company that has an understanding of all the applications along with complete knowledge of all the optical, mechanical and illumination components. Navitar is one of these companies and offers a variety of large format lens options.

High Resolution Applications

  • Sensor size more than 40mm (4K – 12K)
  • Sensor pixel size from 7 – 12 microns
  • Magnification 0.25X – 3X

This market comprises approximately 25 percent of all large sensor applications. The industries within this market that have a need for high resolution optics include electronic (PCB and assembled PCB), flat panel display (FPD) inspection and semiconductor line scan applications. In this application area, customers need greater than f/5.6 speed. Navitar developed its 86mm f/4.0 Platinum Pro lens for high resolution applications. Navitar 86mm Platinum Pro was designed to attach to a T-mount. The T-mount can then be attached to a variety of mounts including Dalsa, F or others. The 86mm lens provides 5 micron performance and an industry-leading 90mm FOV. The 86mm lens is color-corrected and can produce upwards of 20 percent MTF at 100 lp/pm. The f/4 aperture provides twice the image brightness of alternative f/5.6 designs.

Low Resolution Applications

  • Sensor size less than 50mm (2K – 4K)
  • Sensor pixel size more than 12 microns
  • Magnification 0.2X to infinity

This market comprises approximately 50 percent of all large sensor applications. The primary industries within this market include fabric, product label, wood and other types of general web inspection. These applications have historically been served with Nikon (Nikkor) relatively fast f/1.4-1.8 and higher photographic lenses. Although these types of photographic lenses are optimized for the center of the image and the edges may differ significantly, their low cost makes them ideal for a variety of factory floor applications. With the rise in digital photography, many of the Nikon manual photographic lenses are being discontinued. Navitar is filling the need with its Raptar lenses. The Raptar’s are good alternatives to the Nikon lenses and come in a variety of focal lengths including 17mm f/4.0, 24mm f/2.8, 28mm f/2.8, 50mm f/ 1.4 and 50mm f/1.8 designs.

Low Light (High Speed Lens) Applications

  • Sensor size 12mm –22mm
  • Sensor pixel sizes 7-9 microns

This market comprises approximately 5 percent of all large sensor applications. The industries within this market include the biosciences and scientific applications where noise (cross talk) or light collection is the main concern. For low light applications, Navitar offers a 50 mm F/1 Platinum lens for 16mm format and 7 micron resolution.

The right lens can easily be found with Navitar’s patented Optical Wizard lens finder or by speaking directly to one of Navitar’s application specialists.

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