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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

LMI Technologies: Developers Kit Speeds Prototyping of 2D & 3D Vision

LMI Technologies
LMI Technologies
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Delta, BC, V3M 6V5, Canada
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Prototyping a vision sensor for a specific application is a time consuming, expensive proposition. Selecting the components is only the first step. The next effort involves connecting the components, establishing communications and timing between devices, distributing power, and creating a communication link to an external device or host computer. Then software must be created for image analysis, calibration and conversion to engineering units. The lack of standards for many areas of operation, packaging and integration exacerbates the challenges for the sensor OEM.

To simplify and speed up prototyping vision sensors by OEMs, LMI has created a developers kit based on the LMI FireSync™ platform, which provides a scaleable architecture to handle multiple Gigabit Ethernet subnets, powerful data routing features for distributed processing control, and a multi-threaded programming framework for leveraging multi-core processors. FireSync™ provides full synchronization to a microsecond time base, and can synchronize on time, encoder, trigger or software signals.

The FireSync™ Developers Toolkit consists of a tightly integrated set of industrial quality components, including lights, cameras, controllers and software designed for the rapid development of solutions for various machine vision problems. All components are designed with simple overall inter-connectivity, allowing the developer to concentrate on algorithm development without worrying about the details of sourcing or developing hardware and interfaces, network communications, and data visualization.

Both LED (surface illumination) and laser (triangulation) sources are available. The LED sources are provided as stackable light bars, available in various wavelengths, with a selection of lenses providing different fan angles to suit desired illumination areas. Laser sources are available with projection optics for single spot, multiple spot, single line or multiple line configurations.

A selection of small footprint, thermally stable imagers and optics are available to suit a broad variety of applications, in sizes from VGA to megapixel resolution, in color or monochrome. CMOS imagers provide the optimal imaging solution for very high speed 2D and 3D applications. Their ability to dynamically change window size and location and frame rate provide maximum imaging data rates. They provide high sensitivity, bloom-free operation, simple interfacing, and low power consumption. Innovative frame by frame control of key imager parameters such as window position, size, gains and exposure offer the OEM unique imaging control capabilities.

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