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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

LED Brightness Problem Solved With EOS Illumination Delivery Technology


Edmund Optics Inc. announced the launch of its illumination delivery technology - EOS- a next generation approach to increasing illumination brightness in LEDs.

The new EOS technology will create new opportunities for the use of LEDs in automotive headlamps, scientific instrument lighting, infrared military illuminators, surgical headlamps and portable projector systems to name a few.

EO developed a patent-pending, optical technology that when used in conjunction with an LED more effectively directs light into a tightly focused and manageable bundle of light, minimizing any thermal concerns that impact the life of the chip. For the first time, the drawback of using an LED has been eliminated, allowing LEDs to compete at a favorable price at the same brightness as quartz halogen or other alternatives.

Edmund Optics. Barrington, N.J. (

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