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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Keeping Pace With a Changing World


By Barry Hochfelder

I just heard what is purported to be an old saying: "Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine."

It's a funny line, and my joking way of introducing you to a pair of serious changes here at Advanced Imaging. A glance to the masthead on your right will show two new names that we hope will be a very good thing for our readers. I've joined Advanced Imaging as Editor and Bob Schroeder has come aboard as Publisher. Our predecessors, Keith Reid and Ed Youdell, who did yeoman work and helped enhance the exceptional magazine you're reading, have left for other positions. We have big shoes to fill.

Before I tell you about this month's issue, the maiden voyage for Bob and me, I'll tell you a bit about us. The bulk of my career has been spent in journalism, writing and editing for newspapers, business-to-business publications and a consumer magazine. Prior to joining Advanced Imaging I spent five years handling communications and grant writing for a large Chicago-area healthcare system. I'm very happy to be back in b-to-b publishing.

Bob, whose advertising sales territory covers the Eastern United States, joins us from the world of newspapers. Most recently he was General Manager of NorthWest News Group of Chicago, responsible for the performance of 18 weekly papers and other products. Prior to that he was Executive Vice President of Lakeland Media, where he spent 14 years directing operations of 12 weekly newspapers, 80,000 direct-mail shoppers, online products and other properties.

We both would be happy to hear from you; our contact information is on the masthead.

Change also applies to our lead story this month. Written by longtime contributor Lee Nelson, it discusses the rapid rise of mobile imaging products, spurred of course by the ubiquitous camera phone. But, as often is the case, popularity is accompanied by problems. As one of Lee's sources, Joel Pollack, president and CEO of Clairvoyante, explains, "Mobile phones have evolved from simple phones to more complex devices, increasingly being designed with more data-centric applications such as mobile TV, photo sharing, web browsing, navigation and games. These applications create a conflicting challenge because they not only need considerably higher display resolution formats and two-to-three times the brightness of legacy single-function phones; but, as a consequence, use substantially more power." The story tells just how our industry is going about solving these problems.

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